Why Kuske Holds Strong.

Pete Kuske is from the old generation and knows give in once to blackmailers and they WILL return for more. Peter Kuske knew that once the first blackmail was received it would be followed with others, maybe money or more. This is something you should always remember, specially those who may come across this Rat Gang or others. Take Pete Kuske´s lead stand against it, weaken once and they will come back as rats do, unless totally destroyed.

Why Kuske Holds Strong

Why Kuske Holds Strong




The only reason they can keep getting away with their crimes, is that apart from Peter Kuske all the others have rolled over and given in, Paid demand or done as instructed or whatever, Peter Kuske refused and so gets the flak, but flak works both ways, and Pete is a stubborn man, raised in a tough family brought up a Christian and strongly believes we will all need to answer for our route in life, and answer to the Big man come judgement day. Peter Kuske has no qualms and will enjoy and watch when the Big man, sends the gang and its followers down to burn for eternity..

Why Peter Kuske Holds Strong

Why Pete Kuske Holds Strong