Peter Kuske NO Surrender

Kuske motto is No Surrender to Bullies, let alone a bunch of ex criminal blackmailing degrades, The Pete Kuske blackmail has all been documented, and thorough research and monitoring connected the persons behind it all. The Police at Haltom City shrugged it off NOT knowing the people behind it, and assumed it was just a online squabble, Peter Kuske had. The very same gang then went on to use kids again to try and intimidate another family.


Pete Kuske

Peter Kuske

Peter Kuske Mallorca Spain Uk, the man who stands and tells pervy sick blackmailers go screw yourselves, Yes again Pete Kuske is being attacked by a Few low life scum. The keep quiet about us or we will put your Peter Kuske name out there as the biggest criminal ever. Was the promise from the gang, showing details of their scams and sick online activities must stop, or they will attack on a level Peter Kuske would regret, with threats like we will be your worst nightmare, and make your Peter Kuske address more famous than number 10 Downing Street.

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Why Kuske Holds Strong.

Pete Kuske is from the old generation and knows give in once to blackmailers and they WILL return for more. Peter Kuske knew that once the first blackmail was received it would be followed with others, maybe money or more. This is something you should always remember, specially those who may come across this Rat Gang or others. Take Pete Kuske´s lead stand against it, weaken once and they will come back as rats do, unless totally destroyed.

Why Kuske Holds Strong

Why Kuske Holds Strong



Peter Kuske chose early retirement many years ago, this was after receiving a big wake up call. Pete Kuske had two close friends in the space of 8 months suffer early illnesses and misfortunes. Pete realized that old method of working and hoarding until old age, is a bit of a risky gamble. WHAT if you suffered the same as the two friends, one had a stroke aged 60, the other discovered a brain tumor at 62. Peter Kuske watched as they both suffered and although they had money the game was up. God works in strange ways.

Peter Kuske chose early retirement

Peter Kuske chose early retirement